Saturday, September 09, 2006

#32 Roast Suckling Pig

The crew broke out the bar-b and we feasted on burgers, brats, ribs, and roast suckling pig - right here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The sight of Mr. Pig and his brother watching over the festivities drew a few gasps. The chef dressed them up with watermelon masks and such.
0686 suckling pig at BBQ
Kudos to those creative carvers of fruits and vegetables.
0694 fruit flower bouquet at BBQ
This all transpired on Deck 7, aft around the pool. Deck 7 is Semester at Sea heaven: pool, spa, basketball court, exercise room, the nicest cabins, faculty lounge, and as the loftiest public deck, it’s been the popular gathering place with primo views when we’re nearing port.

Informed sources tell me Deck 7 is also the preferred late-night make-out spot. They say the stars shine brighter mid-ocean.

Yours in stargazing,

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