Monday, September 04, 2006

#24 Hawaii Rainbows

We found a pot of gold after 5 days at sea. Hawaii. The land of rainbows…we stopped counting them at some point in the afternoon.
0653 M and a HI rainbow
We rented a car with fellow voyagers Erica and Sally and completed a partial circumnavigation of Oahu. Waikiki beach, surfers on the North Shore, Diamond Head, the USS Arizona Memorial, a pineapple plantation…we saw about as much as can be seen in a single day. We tracked the elusive malasada Portuguese donut to the Ala Moana Center where we feasted on the freshly fried delights. Thanks to Bert in San Diego, our guide for this successful culinary quest.
0640 malasada - yum!
Walking back to the Explorer just after dark in the refreshing island mist, we could not think of a better way to have celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and our 50th state together.

Mahalo Hawaii.

Yours in anti-triskaidekaphobia,


  1. Mary, along with the cultural and geographic educational opportunities your blog affords us, my vocabulary is also improving. As I pasted "triskaidekaphobia" into, I was thinking "Surely there is no word for fear of rainbows." You are so clever!

  2. How many letters are in that one?