Saturday, September 02, 2006

#23 Our 50th

Today, on our 12th wedding anniversary, we are visiting our 50th state together. Yup, the 50th state to become a state is our 50th state.

Sure, we have our favorites, but on this day, we appreciate the opportunities that have taken us to all 49 and we appreciate the serendipity that has brought us here today. We are thrilled that the MV Explorer is making a brief stop in Hawaii, so that we may celebrate appropriately.

The Hawaii State Library is closed today, so celebrations might include a tour of Pearl Harbor, a drive around the island of Oahu, and a hike up Diamond Head. The sun is almost up now at 0530, so we gotta go yell, Land Ho!

Yours in love,


  1. Congratulations!! You won't forget this one for a long long time.

  2. Hey there...coincidentally we sent our parents to Hawaii to celebrate their 50th in the 50th state they were to visit...they had done all but that one....and what a fun time they had..even brought everyone either a mumu or a shirt (gender specific) and sent cases of pineapple for our celebratory party on their return.We are enjoying your trip with you so very much...above and beyond the duty to parents, Ty and Elisa have e-mailed along the way on their wonderful Italian honeymoon. Thanks for putting us in the loop. Love, Mary and Tom

  3. Congratulations! I hope you had a fabulous anniversary!

  4. I continue to enjoy your postings and check them regularly. Glad you enjoyed Hawaii, the state of my birth. Now, how did I end up in Indiana?!? Thanks for sharing your adventure!