Sunday, September 17, 2006

#37 Kyoto Gardens

September 13, 2006
Although Kyoto has over 2000 Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines and their accompanying gardens, we only had time to visit four today. And it rained. All day.
0882 Mary negotiates stairs

But walking quietly in bare feet on a wooden temple floor smoothed by centuries of use while listening to the rain water trickle down copper chain downspouts is not a bad thing to do in Japan. And when we weren’t in a temple, we were crunching along stone paths through lush Japanese gardens where nature is manipulated just enough to catch your eye at every turn and draw attention to the smallest detail.
0887 Silver Pavilion garden

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  1. Oh, Mary and Kelly!!! I get it! I get it now! The feeling you got when you received a transmission from the space probe!! Only I can do it without all the work attached. Keep it up!
    Yours in getting it,