Tuesday, September 19, 2006

#42 Shanshan in Our Rear View Mirror

The ship was rocking and rolling the last couple days as we felt the effect of typhoon Shanshan in our trek SSE away from the storm’s eye. Mary and I took the seasickness meds the first night out of Kobe. That stuff works like sleeping pills for us and we’re groggy the next day too.

So we’ve been off the meds, but in something of a dizzy stupor along with the rest of our shipmates as we all do the fun-house walk down the corridors, weaving from wall to wall, uphill and down. Walking a straight line in these conditions involves random but mandatory use of that crossover step Olympic speed skaters employ when rounding a curve.

The seas settled back to a 1-meter swell today and the captain changed course, now heading west toward Hong Kong. This typhoon scare is behind us, but the sea surface temp in this part of the Pacific is 27 C, the tipping point for prime typhoon breeding conditions.

Yours in hoping this will be a single typhoon blog,

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  1. I had to do that crossover step quite frequently and, oddly, unconsciously, during our hike. Oftentimes I felt I was drunk, which is never a good thing when you are out in the middle of nowhere... It's odd, ain't?