Wednesday, September 06, 2006

#28 25-Hour Days

Tonight we will set our clocks back an hour or as The Voice says “Retard Your Clocks Tonight”. Yesterday we retarded. We’re growing accustomed to clock retardation, aka the 25-hour day. We’ve retarded seven times since leaving Indiana.

While the students are no doubt using the extra hour for pursuits (of academia), we are spending the hour in productive high-seas sleep.

I have not yet attempted to document all that goes on during a typical day and night on the MV Explorer, but sleep time is never on the official schedule. Undergrads need lots of things, but apparently not sleep.

Yours in loving the 25-hour day,

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  1. Hey! I wish I had 25 hour days! I never needed sleep as an undergrad or as a graduate student but now that I've shaken my insomnia, I can get pretty cranky if I don't get at least seven hours. If I had that extra hour, I'd add it to my sleep time too. ;-)