Monday, September 04, 2006

#25 Noon Report

Today's breakfast panorama:
0666 Pacific Panorama
The "Bridge Noon Report" is a constant. Each day at noon "The Voice" reads the report over the PA system. Here's yesterday's report:
Bridge Noon Report September 3, 2006 - Honolulu to Kobe
At noon today the Explorer’s position was… Latitude: 21 degrees, 40.6 mintues North Longitude: 162 degrees, 06.7 minutes West
Distance Made Good: 238 Nautical miles (Since Honolulu)
Average Speed: 18.96 knots (Since Honolulu)
Distance to go to the next Port: 3440 Nautical Miles
Distance to the nearest land: 85 Nautical Miles from Kaula in our starboard quarter
Sea Depth: 2156 Meters or 7073.5 feet
Sea Water Temperature: 27 C, 80.6 F
Air Temperature: 27 C, 80.6 F
Winds: ENE 13.5 Knots
Swell: 0.5 meters
Conditions: Partly Cloudy Good Visibility
Sunset: 18:55
Sunrise tomorrow: 06:55
Today's lunch panorama:
0666 Pacific Panorama

Yours in pitying thalassophobic passengers,

P.S. The Voice just announced today's noon report. Our location this exact moment is: 23.95166667 169.620000

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