Wednesday, September 20, 2006

#43 Introducing the Library Staff

Erika and I are lucky to work with six work-study students in the library. Since the library is open from 0800 to 2300 each day at sea, we are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic staff who work the reference desk and answer every kind of question you can imagine.  Here’s our group at an important staff meeting…
0669 Library Work Study

From left to right: April, Kim, Erin, Sabrina, Mary, Jihane, Megan and Erika April (or Grapes) hails from the Hoosier state. She’s from Bloomington and studies English education at IU. After this voyage and some student teaching, she’ll have her degree. Grapes has been planning for this trip for about a year because she loves the combination of travel and education. She says working in the library is the best work study job by far! She gets to interact with students, she gets to hang out with librarians AND she gets to know the beauty of organizing books.

Kim is from Phoenix and attends Northern Arizona University – home of the lumberjacks for all you that are unfamiliar with this Flagstaff school. She’s studying psychology and microbiology. She’s been planning for Semester at Sea (SAS) for 2.5 years because she likes boats. If she were Supreme Ruler of SAS, she would provide free internet and oatmeal raisin cookies for all. For Kim, the power of the wand is the best thing about working in the library.

Erin (or Eri) is from Illinois/Japan and is studying history at Western State College in Colorado. She has been planning for SAS since she was a freshman in high school. She learned about it from her mom. She wants to see new places, understand new cultures and eat the food. The first thing she’ll do when she gets home is sleep and surf the web. The best thing about working in the library is meeting people.

Sabrina is from Massachusetts and is studying international business at Manhattan College. She’s been planning for SAS for one semester and wants to sit on an elephant and visit lots of countries. If she was Supreme Ruler of SAS, she would replace the global studies course with more interactive sessions and offer more recreational activities in the evenings. She likes working in the library because we’re a big deal.

Jihane (G) is from Miami and attends Seton Hall. She’s a broadcast journalism and history major. G’s been planning for her SAS experience for 3 months and is looking forward to visiting multiple countries during this international experience instead of only one offered with some study abroad programs. First thing on her agenda when she gets home is a visit to the hairdresser. As Supreme Ruler of SAS, she’d give everyone on the ship more free internet minutes. She thinks the best thing about working in the library is shelving books.

Megan (Sunny) is from Seattle and attends Western Washington in Bellingham. She’s majoring in French and will minor in psychology or music. She’s not in a hurry to finish her degree and may study abroad in Italy next. She’s been planning for SAS since the 11th grade. She loves school, she loves travel and she loves ships. If she were Supreme Ruler of SAS, she would get everyone together in a giant circle and make sure each student meets all the other students. What does Sunny think is the best thing about working in the library? She likes the social aspect. Talking to people as part of her job is the best.

I’ve already introduced you to Erika, and you can read more here about her adventure pants journey.

Yours in remembering how Tom Sawyer whitewashed the fence,

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