Thursday, August 31, 2006

#21 Amtrak vs. M/V Explorer

We’re in the midst of our 4th consecutive day without sight of land. We’re clipping along on the world’s fastest passenger ship at an average speed of 17 knots or about 20 mph according to the GPS Channel on the TV in our room.
0422 GPS TV
Had we just stayed on Amtrak to Hawaii, we’d already be there waiting for the M/V Explorer ;-) Such thoughts put us in a comparison frame of mind.
Amtrak M/V Explorer
Room Size 56 sq ft160 sq ft
Food GoodGood and unlimited
TowelsChanged on requestChanged every day
Internet Never Almost always
Ride Rock and roll Roll
Crew Sparse and attentive Plentiful and attentive

Let me be clear…the M/V Explorer is a great ride. More to come on this magnificent vessel.

Yours in learning port from starboard,


  1. I'm am thoroughly enjoying your travelogue! Often, during the day, I wonder where Mary and Kelly are. Can you post your coordinates? We can put them into Google Earth and see where you are. It must be weird not seeing land for several days. Did you miss the Pacific storm off the coast of Mexico?

    Port/starboard? Here's what I learned at summer camp: "left" and "port" both have 4 letters, so they match. :-)


  2. Great idea on posting the coords, Bridget. Yea, we missed the storm off Mexico and have been assured the Super Typhoon that's between Hawaii and Japan will be gone before we get there next week. Mary gave me the same advice for remembering port/starboard.

    Good to hear from you!