Saturday, August 26, 2006

#14 Social Event of the Season

Happy wedding day to Ty and Elisa! Last week, on the eve of our departure from Indy, we happyhoured with our single friends Ty and Elisa one last time.
20060818 029 Elisa and Ty
We are sorry to miss the social event of the season and we look forward to seeing the photos and hearing the stories on our return – perhaps after breakfasting at the City CafĂ©!

Yours in celebrating marriage,

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  1. Let us be the first to WERE missed at the big event...but otherwise it was (to our view) perfect. The bride was radiant, the groom handsome and the guests were really dear....clearly these two were meant to be together....and now they are! In Italy (they were also considerate enough to let us know of their safe arrival) being treated very specially as honeymooners. Mary and Tom