Tuesday, August 29, 2006

#19 Classes Started Today

Classes started today, so I sat in on 5:
Exoticism in Literature
History of Art and Architecture in Asia
Earth’s Climate Systems
Magazine Article Writing
Global Studies. 
Students get priority, but we adult passengers can sit in with the prof's approval. All approved.

I learned exoticism is the literary representation of one culture for consumption by another and I'll need to brush up on my speed-reading to keep up. I learned I'll need to arrive early to get a seat to learn about Asian architecture. And I learned 5 classes leave me beat even before tonight's film on race relations.

Since we left sunny Ensenada, we’ve not seen the sun, and I learned in ECS class that’s typical for the open ocean in sub-tropical regions this time of year. Small breaks in the cloud deck made for a snazzy sunset, laced with crepuscular rays.
0420 PacificSunset
Yours in paying attention in class,


  1. crepuscular? I am very, very impressed. Yes, you must be learning alot in those classes! What fun! Sounds like you are both having a blast. And how is Mary doing as the "librarian at sea"?

    Enviously yours...

  2. Kelly, You're making me miss being a student. I can't afford to do that again (officially) for at least another 5 years.

  3. Crepuscular? Having majored in French and having read Le Petit Prince at some point, I know crepuscular. Love it that you used it!