Sunday, August 13, 2006

#7 A Life-Changing Adventure?

Take a close look at these fourteen people. Thirteen are librarians. Can you find the non-librarian?
When you’re faced with a tough question, where do you turn? To librarians, of course. We asked these librarians how they predicted our lives would change as a result of our fall travels. They recorded their ideas on how we might be changed – spurred by personal experiences, quotes about traveling, lines from a poem, hallucinations, wild guesses – then carefully tied each into a neat scroll and stuffed it into a long-necked bottle. The secret messages in the bottle will remain hermetically sealed and untouched by human hands until opened to reveal the predictions (and their accuracy) at a welcome home party in December.
Under the umbrella, music played, cold beverages flowed, and the “Outdoor Section of the Indiana Chapter of the Special Libraries Association” held an extremely unofficial inaugural meeting. No minutes were kept.
Yours in believing it’s good to hang with librarians,

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