Friday, August 25, 2006

#12 Embarkation

We’re on the ship! We’ve been talking about this for months and we’re finally here. On August 23, 2006 we walked up the gangway to the fifth deck.
0278 M embarking
The fifth deck is home to some administrative offices, a dining hall, and our cabin. It’s a terrific cabin – much larger than Amtrak’s sleeper car. It has a big square window about 3’ x 3’, closets, shelves and drawers enough to hold all our stuff, a small table and chair, a small desk and chair, a television with the Semester at Sea station and San Diego’s network television stations, a telephone, and a bathroom.
0283 our cabin
There are seven decks on the ship. These are the things I’ve found so far. On level 6 - the library, computer lab, union and another dining hall. On level 7 – the swimming pool, basketball court, and exercise facility. The only reason I’ve found to go down to level 4 is the ping pong table.

Yours in climbing the gangway to heaven,

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