Thursday, August 31, 2006

#20 Kansas City Barbeque

Happy 20th anniversary to our friends Barry and Jessica.

We thought of you two when we were having some tasty grub at Kansas City Barbeque in San Diego a few days ago.
0365 Kelly at KC Barbeque
Yup, right there in downtown San Diego we read on the menu “Kansas City joints such as Bryant’s, Hayward’s, Gates’, and Rosedale’s enjoy a nationwide reputation for good food at a reasonable price.” Having dined at all these fabulous establishments ourselves, we’re glad to hear they each enjoy a national reputation.
0367 jukebox at KC Barbeque
As if serving Kansas City barbeque isn’t enough, this particular joint in San Diego became even more famous when Tom Cruise stopped by to film the piano scene and the final bar/jukebox scene in Top Gun.

Yours in celebrating your Top Marriage,

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