Wednesday, May 04, 2011

#512 Boat Trip

If you are missing the MV Explorer, you might consider watching Boat Trip.

Boat Trip, a 2002 Cuba Gooding Jr movie, is not known for its cinematic excellence.  (Check out the trailer.) Cuba and his friend Horatio Sanz are having women trouble so they sign up for a cruise (not a voyage!) to get away - only to discover it's a gay cruise.  But if you look past all the shenanigans, you'll see that much of Boat Trip was filmed on board the Olympic Voyager (the sister ship to the MV Explorer) like this scene on the 7th deck port side.  

The happy ending involves Cuba parachuting into the pool on the 7th deck.

 And if you watch closely, you can see some of the differences between the Olympic Voyager and the MV Explorer:
  • The Olympic Voyager has a gangway entrance on deck 3. (The MV Explorer gangway is only on decks 2 and 5.)
  • The Olympic Voyager deck 5 cabins have bay windows (The MV Explorer deck 5 cabins have balconies.)
  • The Olympic Voyager has a sporty yellow racing stripe. (The MV Explorer stripe is orange.)
Yours in enjoying the Olympic Voyager as a substitute for the real thing,

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  1. P.S. Boat Trip is not a well-known movie, so it was fun to see it referenced in Psych (season 5, episode 11, airing Nov 2010)!