Thursday, June 26, 2008

#300 Sister Ships Reunited in Norway

It's a little known part of the Semester At Sea family history, but our ship, the MV Explorer, has a twin sister, the Voyager.

Built in the same German shipyard over a two-year span, the girls were uniquely designed and nearly identical at birth.
The Voyager
The Explorer
The girls have been apart for a few years, but we spied the Voyager docked in Norway's largest fjord at Flam not far from the Explorer back in Bergen.
Sis has a new white paint job and now carries passengers for a Spanish cruise line.

But those of you familiar with the Explorer may be amazed when you browse through these Voyager photos. You'll see the remarkable resemblance of twins separated at birth.

Yours in arranging this virtual family reunion,

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