Sunday, June 15, 2008

#294 Why we hate Halifax

After a few days in Halifax, here are a few reasons we hate Halifax:
1. Friendly locals: Everywhere we went...shops, restaurants, hotels... the locals were always friendly and helpful. We hate that.
2. Courteous drivers: Just step off a curb anywhere and listen to tires screech as drivers stop to yield the way to pedestrians. We hate that.
3. Pleasant grafitti: The only tagging we saw anywhere in Halifax was spray painted on an exposed concrete wall behind a cargo container near the harbor. It read "I love my Grandma." We hate that.
4. Knitting in public: On Saturday, the locals were encouraged to visit their public library as part of an organized "knit in public" effort. We hate that.
5. Food: Halifax is home to a wide variety of unique local restaurants, ethnic choices, fresh seafood, inviting pubs, and attentive service, especially at Bud the Spud. We hate that.
6. Harbor: Halifax harbor is lined with red-roofed lighthouses, tall sailing ships, grassy islands, and an inviting boardwalk. It's the second largest harbor in the world. We hate that.
7. Kites: The ocean breezes make for outstanding kite flying. We hate that.

8. The MV Explorer sails out of Halifax harbor at 5pm today. We're leaving. We hate that. For all these reasons, we intend to return to Halifax ASAP.

Yours in hating to leave Halifax,


  1. poor things. Sorry you had such a miserable time. I bet the whole trip is going to be like that.

  2. Halifax sounds like a terrible place. Much worse than, say, Victoria, BC, which is another great place to hate.

  3. I'm sure that you'll hate Bella Napoli just as much :)

    I'm envious and enjoying it vicariously ... enjoy a sunset aboard ship with your landlocked friends in mind!