Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#295 Passing the Titanic

We are about 200 miles north of the Titanic wreck site, the closest we’ll get on our voyage across the north Atlantic. If you were in this position, and were to take the time to look up the latitude / longitude coordinates of the sunken ship, input them into your GPS as a custom point of interest, and hold the device next to your cabin window until it picked up enough satellites to get your current location, this is what you would see:
126 Passing Titanic
It’s been a day of dense fog. Our ship’s horn has been blowing regularly. We can’t see more than 20 feet off the starboard side toward the Titanic, never mind 200 miles.

Yours in a shroud of clouds,


  1. I'm sure you're having a wonderful trip -- looks as though you have already! We at the NCAA are jealous -- and proud -- to have our former librarian (and better half) spanning the globe and spreading the education gospel. Enjoy and we look forward to reading more soon.

  2. Hi Ty,

    Thanks for posting this lovely sentiment.

    It's always good to hear from you and were it not for distance, we'd be joining you tomorrow night at the Rathskeller.


  3. As long as you don't hit any icebergs...

    I can't believe you aren't stopping at NFL!!!


  4. Hi Bridget,

    Were we navigating, we'd stop in Newfoundland and Iceland then Norway.

    As for icebergs, the captain tells us we're staying at least 10 miles from the ice limit as defined by the International Ice Patrol, an organization established in the wake of the Titanic sinking.


  5. Now this is why I just love geeky people, because only us geeks would try to pick up the Titanic wreck site on our GPS. Awesome!

  6. Hi Tina,

    You're the second person to call me a geek in a comment today. I resemble that remark.

    What other geeky GPS ideas should I try on this trip?