Saturday, June 28, 2008

#302 A City of Pianos

Bergen is a city of pianos!

Maybe it's because Bergen was home to composer Edvard Grieg. (I still remember trying to learn Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King during my piano lesson days.)
We enjoyed a piano/cello concert in the Troldsalen concert hall adjacent to Grieg's home featuring the music of Tellefsen, Chopin, and - you guessed it - Grieg.
We enjoyed an outdoor piano concert on the streets of Bergen in Torgalmenningen Square.
Even the Bergen public library is sporting a baby grand.
So as we sail away from Bergen, we are happy to have the three MV Explorer pianos on board. It's almost like taking a bit of Bergen with us.

Yours still a little bit in the hall of the mountain king,


  1. Norway does look wonderful. With these pictures, it might just move up my list of must go locations. I finally logged on so I could get caught up with your adventures. Once again, it seems incredible. I'll continue to check it out and keep up as you travel the world.

  2. Jealous!!! Those piano photos made my mouth water... :)