Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#569 No Facebook, No Movies

No Facebook and no movies for me!      

When traveling with Semester at Sea, there simply isn't time in my ship life for all the day-to-day things in my typical home life.  Something had to go. 

Even though we have all meals prepared for us and we don't have any commute time and our laundry is done for us, there is still not enough time in the day for all the usual stuff. 

Some of my usual at-home tasks take longer on board the ship:
  • library - open 15 hours each day, 18 instruction sessions scheduled and counting
  • diary - private and public (blog) journaling
  • photos - documenting photos now rather than depending on my memory later
And some of the on-ship tasks also require a lengthy time commitment:
  • lectures - so many opportunities to learn, e.g. one fabulous lecture on the history of Russia kept me awake and engaged from 9:00 to midnight!
  • community engagement - socializing with faculty, staff, our shipboard extended family
  • trip planning -  working on Belgium now
So Facebook and movies are behind me now and it's a good exchange. 

Yours in trying to fit it all in,

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