Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#575 Cliff walking in Howth

Dublin is my new favorite.  Sunny skies all four days.  Mild temperatures.  Beautiful city.  Lovely people.  And no internet service on the ship due to radio interference.  Heaven!

On the day when all of Dublin and many SAS students are consumed with the All-Ireland senior football championship between Dublin and County Mayo, we opt to enjoy some quiet time along the cliffs of Howth, a suburb of Dublin at the end of the DART rail system.  

On our way from the harbor up to the cliffs, we pass by the house where Yeats once lived and the beautiful gate protecting Bono's house.   

With our backpack full of kite and snacks, we set off on the cliff walk in hopes of finding stunning views of the coastline, a view of the city and the lighthouse, a breeze to lift the kite, and the ideal picnic spot.  We are not disappointed.  We spend hours walking the coast, flying the kite, and smiling back at the weather gods.

Yours in appreciating all things Irish,

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