Thursday, October 03, 2013

#583 Our Day in the Rock

In 2006, we first visited the waters of Gibraltar during an MV Explorer refueling stop, wishing we could go ashore.

And now in 2013, we've not only been on the Rock of Gibraltar, we’ve been inside the Rock of Gibraltar!

After driving from Cadiz, we walk across the hotly-contested international border from Spain into the British territory of Gibraltar at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula.  Having successfully walked that gauntlet, we now must walk across the runway of the Gibraltar International Airport - carefully timing our walk to avoid passenger jets taking off and landing.

On the Rock, we find the ruins of an 8th-century Moorish castle and the aggressive Barbary macaques monkeys.  But we spend most of our time inside the Rock marveling at the man-made tunnel network dug out of the solid limestone and used as a fortress: the Great Siege Tunnels and the World War II tunnels.

Yours in learning what's gone on inside the Rock,

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