Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#599 Archbishop Desmond Tutu revisits the MV Explorer

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Semester at Sea are a natural match.

We are so fortunate, so blessed on our last day in Cape Town to hear the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Archbishop speak and share his thoughts on Ubuntu and the value of young people. 

None of us is an accident. There's no one else like you. 
You have come to a country [South Africa] which today is free and it has been in large measure because of the success of the anti-Apartheid movement in which young people played a very signal role changing the moral climate in your country.
You are dreamers.  You're idealistic.
God sees Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Nairobi, 9/11.  It can't be nice to be God because these are all His children.  God weeps. Then God looks and sees Semester at Sea.  And God looks and sees you at the orphanage in Ghana.  A smile breaks over God's face like sunshine in the rain.  God says, I have no one except you and you and you to help me make this the kind of world it can be.  A compassionate world.  A caring world.  A world where no one dies from starvation.  No one dies because they cannot afford an inexpensive inoculation.  God says, I depend on you and you and you.  Help me to make this world the beautiful world it can be.  Please help me.

Yours in appreciating the idealistic dreamers of all ages on board the MV Explorer,

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  1. What beautifully moving words! I would love to copy this and share it with all of America.

    Thank you for sharing!
    - Love from Minnesota, Donna