Sunday, September 14, 2014

#666 Steam-O-Rama

On a fabulous fall Friday, we head to Steam-O-Rama, the Ozarks Steam Engine Show held annually near Republic, MO for the last 53 years.

The last time we attended was in 1996 when our nephew was not quite 2 years old and when photos were still taken in black and white.   Back then, we spent a lot of time near the steam-powered bubble-making machine. 

Our interests change as we grow older and this year, we arrive in time for the parade of equipment.  Sometimes - just for fun - we call it the cavalcade of power! We sit in the grandstand as the announcer describes the steam engines during their slow (2 mph at top speed) march across the field. Each steam engine has a unique whistle used for communication and today used for our entertainment. 
The parade also includes gas engines and other antique tractors such as this orchard tractor, designed to pass easily under tree branches.
My favorite entry is the orange tractor with the engine in the back.  I especially appreciate the color coordination.
 Kelly's favorite tractor at the show is this Ford 4000.
And from the Johnston archives, here's the Ford 4000 Kelly used back in his farming days.

Yours in looking forward to the 54th Steam-O-Rama,

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