Monday, September 08, 2014

#664 In Usonian Style

Twenty years ago we were wed.
To celebrate, here's what we said:
"We'll rest for a while,
In Usonian style,
Where with friends our anniversary we'll spend."

For our 20th wedding anniversary, we reserved the Louis Penfield house near Cleveland for a celebration with friends.  Kelly and I enjoy the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and have visited many of his houses through the years.  Ten years ago, we celebrated our 10th anniversary in the Bernard Schwartz House, a Usonian home in Two Rivers, WI, and we are eager to carry on the tradition in another beautiful Usonian.

This one is different.  Working for a client who was 6'8" tall, Wright deviated from his typical low entryways. The doorways are 8' tall.  But the tall entry still feels compressed, this time in width. The open stairway is so narrow that all the upstairs furniture had to be built in place.

After leaving the compressed entry, we marvel at the height and width of the glass-walled living room.
We decide to cook a meal at the house, so we do our shopping at a roadside stand to stock up on all the essentials for a summer feast.
 And enjoy it in the beauty of our temporary home.

Yours in celebrating the Wright way,

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