Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#663 Amish auction yields dresser

In 1914, closets were not very big.

Our bedroom closet is proof of that.  In the past, we have not owned a dresser since our clothes could fit easily inside a modern bedroom closet.  But now, our tiny closet has us thinking that we should take the plunge and buy a dresser like normal people.

Friday's local paper has an ad for an Amish farm auction not far from where we live.  And guess what?  They're selling a 3-drawer oak dresser that may fit well in our bedroom.   It's been awhile since we've been to a farm auction (a couple of decades or so) and we've never been to an Amish farm auction, so we decide to spend our Saturday at the sale.
We admire the buggy as we walk by and ultimately decide we can do without it.
And we continue to the furniture section of the sale.  There we spy the dresser looking better than all its companion dressers in the sunshine. 
We like what we see so we decide to register and get a bidding card. The sale starts promptly at 9:00 but it is a couple of hours before the auctioneer makes his way to the furniture. That allows us to see a treadle sewing machine sell for nearly $500. A gas-powered wringer washing machine also sells high. Wow! These prices are  higher than we expect and we wonder how much interest there might be in an old oak dresser.

The answer is not much. Two other bidders are interested but Kelly outlasts them while I try to remain calm.  Auctions make me nervous!  We come home with the cutest oak dresser and a good feeling about buying a lovely piece of furniture that has been loved well for a long time. 

Yours in expanding our closet,