Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#660 Step 1: Remove the carpet

Our first big Show-Me Bungalow project is carpet removal.

We don't think the carpet is very old, since it's not at all worn.  But it is stained, so out it goes. Besides, we want to see what's underneath.
Living Room (before) - with carpet
 First a peak...

Out goes the carpet, the carpet pad, those deadly tack strips, and 
a gazillion staples. 
We're thrilled to discover 1.5" oak wood flooring underneath.  A little later during our project we'll be refinishing these floors to get them looking like they did in 1914.  
Living Room (after) - no carpet
We're pleased to donate our used carpet to my brother's manufacturing company where it will be used to protect stainless steel sheets.
Yours in cleaning out the old,


  1. Awesome job, and a great first step for this new old house!

  2. I am so excited to follow your renovation! It feeds right into my obsessions!