Sunday, August 24, 2014

#662 Hubbard Squash Comes to our Bungalow

Hubbard Squash is one of our favorite paint colors.

Many of our walls through the years have been painted Hubbard Squash.  It is part of the Sherwin Williams arts-and-crafts palette but this is the first time for us to use it in an arts-and-crafts home.  How exciting!

The bedroom on the first floor features (features?) a blue wall with wood trim on all 4 edges - to cover the wavy edging.  This blue wall includes two outlets at varying heights with the receptacles painted blue too.  So our goal is to remove all the blue and paint the four walls.
We remove the carpet, the two vertical 'trim' pieces, and the switch plate covers; we wash the walls with TSP; and finally it's time to pop open a can of paint. 
Two coats later and the blue is all gone.  We like the look of the Hubbard Squash together with the yet-to-be-refinished oak flooring.  It's a good first step in renovating the bedroom.       
Yours in welcoming Hubbard Squash into our bungalow,

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  1. I like butternut in soup but I am all of a sudden a huge fan of hubbard for walls! Love seeing what you're doing with your new home!