Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#676 Ozarks Bungalow flooring

A lot has been happening at our Ozarks Bungalow.

Lately, we've been focused on flooring.  In the photo below, the living room floor in the background had been covered with carpeting that we removed in August. Then there's a gap where the wall used to be and the kitchen flooring is in the foreground.
The kitchen floor was covered with tile and we removed that in February.
Underneath both of those floor coverings, we found tongue-in-groove 1.5-inch white oak and that's what we want to keep.  So in preparation for refinishing the living room and kitchen floors, Kelly has been installing new flooring to fill the gap between the two rooms.
Two-year-old Sam is a big help.  He especially likes to deliver nails from the nail box to Kelly's hand -

unless, of course, he's way too busy eating grapes.

Yours in flooring,

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