Wednesday, July 06, 2016

#696 Moving Rocks

Sometimes a friend stops by just when you want to move a pile of rocks.

That's what happened to us.  This haphazard pile of rocks has been sitting for years in front of the small studio building.  Since the rocks border the driveway, I am a little nervous about getting too close to the rocks when backing out. Plus, it just looks sloppy.

So with a spare afternoon during Randall's visit, we decide to turn the rock pile into a rock patio.

Randall is an expert rock selector and leveler, so the project is quickly underway and all of our rock tools are brought to bear. 
 The project takes a few hours and is finished at nightfall.
 The completed project is appreciated again the next day
and the day after that.

Yours in taking advantage of friends,

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