Friday, July 08, 2016

#697 A Century of Dirt?

Dirt and grime have been collecting on the outside of our home for quite a long time.

We don't know exactly how long but we know for sure WE haven't cleaned it.

We experiment with a borrowed power washer on the driveway and we're quick to spot a difference! 
Kelly finishes off a section of the driveway and moves on to continue his experiments.
He creates his very first power washer graffiti. 
We're eager to test the washer on the concrete top of our brick wall and guess what - we can spot a difference here too.
We discover the concrete top is not the typical gray concrete but is instead a fancy tan concrete.  The color is not that different from the yellow color we've painted our house trim.  We love the fancy tan concrete!
 And what about that green lichen at the top of the bricks just under the concrete top?
Yup, the green vanishes too!
Finally, here are the before/after photos of the east wall:
Yours in cleaning up outside,

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