Friday, November 09, 2007

#255 Melissa, is this you?

Lynn, Mary and baby Melissa.

That's how this 1989 photo is labelled - Lynn, Mary and baby Melissa. I know who Lynn is. I know who I am. But who the heck is Melissa? I remember well that cool Bike Acadia t-shirt and those always cool extra-large eyeglasses, but I'm afraid I've forgotten Melissa.

Melissa, could you help me out? Now that you're 18, could you identify yourself and allow my brain to start working on another task?

Yours in faulty memories,


  1. I CAN'T believe you don't remember who this precious baby is! Are you sure it's not Lynn's "love" child???
    Or maybe yours???

  2. You probably left it on a door step with black roses and a note that said "To a swell baby on a sad day!"

    P.S. Did Kelly write the previous comment??

  3. Mary with long hair!! Quite a change from the lady I know.