Sunday, November 25, 2007

#259 A Monticello Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to visit Monticello.

Normal people are busy cooking or eating or watching football on Thanksgiving Day and don't even think of a trip up the little mountain to visit Jefferson's home. But if you sign up for the Johnston Visitor Plan, you're bound to get some creative thinking!

Besides, the cooking, eating, and football watching all come later!

Thanksgiving Day at Monticello meant a low number of visitors, a high number of temperature degrees, and a terrific holiday tour guide. Ah, the beauty of the JVP.

The University of Missouri grad among us (in the center of the photo) was surprised to learn Jefferson's original headstone sits on the MU campus. Jefferson's heirs presented the carved stone monument to the first university founded in the Louisiana Purchase.

Jefferson wanted three accomplishments noted on his tombstone:
1. Author of the Declaration of Independence
2. Author of the Virginia Religious Freedom statute
3. Father of the University of Virginia

Our three Thanksgiving Day accomplishments:
1. A little history lesson
2. A little football
3. A little food

Yours in thankfulness,


  1. That Johnston Visitor Plan is sounding more appealing all the time! :)

    Glad you had a nice holiday,

  2. I just want to know, was YOUR guide able to answer the burning questions that my Labor Day Guide (LDG) couldn't/wouldn't answer? Such as:
    1. So how many people could sit down for dinner at one time in the dining room?
    LDG: I don't know. A bunch. As many as they could fit.)

    2. How many fireplaces does the house have?
    LDG: Hmm. I don't know. A lot.

    3. I know I had a 3rd question but since the LDG couldn't answer it, I don't even remember the question.

    Also, did you get to go upstairs?

    Cheers. J