Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#258 Happy Thanksgiving

As we docked in Spain last Thanksgiving, we found ourselves thankful for:
• Calm seas
• A port in a storm
• Non-Navy showers
• A quiet year for pirates
• Mature college students
• Food prepared by others
• Ropes to keep the library books on the shelves
• Cameras that start up quickly from the off position
• Batteries that last and last and last and last
• Friends who follow our travels and post comments to our blog
• Buses with bathrooms
• Clean drinking water
• Plumbing
• New daughters
• Old friends

Now that we’re docked in Virginia, we find ourselves thankful for:
• A library with with no need for ropes to keep the books on the shelves
• Thanksgiving Day football with the Indianapolis Colts
• Kelly’s ability to swim should he be thrown overboard
• Walking to work
• Family holiday visits
• Old friends who follow our lives and stay in touch
• New friends who have welcomed us to Virginia

Yours in sincere Thanksgiving,
Kelly and Mary

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mary and Kelly,
    Enjoy your first Thanksgiving in C'ville. I am thankful that I met you last year on board the MV Explorer and thankful fou you blog. It allows me to keep up with all the interesting things you do in your lives.
    Thankful for the ocean and ships, escpecially friendships!