Sunday, March 08, 2009

#370 I Want To Go To There

As fans of 30 Rock, Mary and I have been working Tina Fey's line "I want to go to there" into our conversations. Turns out she got the line from her daughter who exclaimed "I want to go to there" after seeing a Disney World ad. If we had our own TV show, we'd use these quotes uttered by our 2-year-old nephew Nate on our 1997 "Killer Road Trip"...

1. "I turned the page!" (said really loud after turning a page in the scary book There's A Monster At The End Of This Book.)

2. "No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed." (said really loud while jumping only on motel beds, never at home) This jumping action sends Mary into uncontrolled, doubled-over laughter.
3. "I want to crack you up Mary" (said really loud after Mary doubles over in laughter)
4. "Coyoteeeeeeeeee" (said really loud instead of "cheese" during photo sessions )
5. "Nate make a tree" (said really loud when Nate's feet are being buried in throwing rocks near water)

6. "Nate sandwich" (said really loud when Nate is between two pillows)

Yours in wanting to go to there again with Nate,

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  1. I had to crack up after the third "said really loud" line :) What a fun post - thanks! Bonnie