Friday, March 20, 2009

#372 Carol and Spring

My dear friend Carol would have been 50 today.

Even though we lost her in 2000, I always remember her on the first day of spring - and every other day of the year.

I think about Carol
when I play the piano
when I listen to the music from the Phantom of the Opera
when I curl up under the music throw in front of the television
when I chat with Carol's mom
when I hear a good laugh

when I remember our first jobs at Phillips Petroleum Company and the annual Halloween parties

when I order a Coke with extra ice at Sonic
when I watch kites fly
when Spring comes
and when I think about the important things in my life.
Yours in remembering Carol,


  1. What wonderful memories. Carol and Mary had a very special relationship which followed them from city to city and lasted from the time they met. Carol was our first day of spring, our love and laughter through the year and we continue to feel her love through Mary. Bobbi

  2. I'm so glad to find the two of you here through Stacie. I too remember all those wonderful moments. Would love to see both of you and share our special love for such a wonderful person. Paula

  3. She would have loved facebook.