Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#374 New in Indy

We like all the new stuff in downtown Indy.

... the bike lane on Michigan near our old Lockerbie home,
... the new quip on the One America sign,
... the cool IUPUI campus center,
...the expanded toy store on Mass Ave (That's our friend Melody who likes kites and toys as much as we do. Erika & Mark, that's your wedding present in the brown bag.)
.. the new condos under construction across from Bazbeaux,
... and the impressive Lucas Oil Stadium - shown here with the rubble from the RCA dome still in front.
But, hands down, the best addition to downtown Indy is the new public library.
Look closely through the arches on the 5th level and you can see the Indy skyline.
Inside you'll find maps!
And the new GIS for Dummies book!
All these wonderful things have happened since we left Indy less than 2 years ago.

Yours in suspecting they've carried on without us,


  1. We've not really "carried on" without you... we're just coasting along until you decide to come back. :)

    It was terrific seeing you last weekend... can't wait for the 2010 visit!!


  2. I am with Mira. Indy is just getting everything ready for the day when you decide to move in next to your friends at the Real Silk Lofts. Your bike lane and new library are all completed, and even Adobo Grill moved downtown for you. Already, and you haven't even been gone that long! Just think how much more will be finished by the time you come back years from now?! By then, there won't be anything left for you to wish for. Oh yes...I just revealed the master plan to get you back here. :)

  3. Whatever could it be. Is it a toy?