Wednesday, April 06, 2011

#495 Shanghai highlights

We've enjoyed our time in China and end our time with even more fun events.

The Urban Planning Museum in Shanghai seems like the right place to go to help us answer the question, "where and how are all these Chinese people going to live?"

So we walk over to the People's Square to check it out.  The centerpiece of the museum is a massive 1:500 scale model of the city of Shanghai showing existing and approved buildings.  This model is enormous.  It covers about 6,500 square feet of floor space.  

It reminds us of the models of the French cities in the Musee des Plans-Reliefs.

And, finally, the Seagull Restaurant dinner with Dan and Barb - incredible views of the Bund and the Pudong, good food (all those dumplings and yummy rice) and great conversation.

Yours in wishing for more time,

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  1. MB and I saw that model and tried to take photos. they were no good.