Sunday, April 24, 2011

#510 America the Beautiful

Home again.

This morning, we awoke to Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful and docked in San Diego after our 104-day voyage around the world.

America IS beautiful and we're happy to be home again.

After final exams, we've celebrated at the Alumni Ball, laughed at the amazing Sea Salts video, partied with the faculty and staff, cheered the graduation of 30 seniors (including a GIS student!), and hugged every one of our adopted family, our 21 work-study students, and so many other hug-worthy shipmates.    

We are so very lucky to have been a part of the SAS 2011 spring voyage and we are so very lucky to be home again in America the Beautiful.

Yours in celebration,


  1. Welcome home guys, Dale.

  2. Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Rebecca P.

  3. It was GREAT circling the globe with you!!