Thursday, July 25, 2013

#552 Reading road trip books

I've always enjoyed a good long road trip.

And in the past few years, I've grown passionately fond of good long ocean trips.

William Least Heat-Moon said, "...when life gets this way or that way, and we're not really happy with it, what do we do?  Put a kit bag over one shoulder and head out for the road because that's where solutions might lie.  Somewhere out there is an answer to why a life is as it is." 

Philip Caputo said, " of the things I got out of this particular journey was running into people who will change your perspective, who will change the way you looked at things...One of the things that happens on the road is that you leave behind a lot of your own inhibitions, your own baggage.  And if you let yourself, you become more open to these encounters and these experiences, and you can really learn something."

It strikes me that these two authors not only know a lot about road travel, but also ocean travel as well.  But, of course, they're really the same thing.

Yours in reading road books to prepare for ocean travel,

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