Monday, July 29, 2013

#554 World's largest library at sea

Cunard's floor plan of the Queen Mary 2 shows the library overlooking the bow of the ship.  
"Settle down with a novel, or study to your heart's content in this peaceful sanctuary. Elegant, lit bookcases, thick carpets and comfortable seating provide a sumptuous setting for the over 8000 volumes contained here."
That does sound nice.  But wait?  What does that say?  "8,000 books are for loan in the library, said to be the biggest one at sea?"

NOT SO, I declare.  Over on the MV Explorer, you'll find the Semester at Sea  library collection is 9,000 strong.  It's true we don't have the fancy bookcases, the thick carpets, or the comfortable seating, but we are pleased to call ourselves the world's largest library at sea.

Or the world's largest floating library, if you prefer.

Yours in library boastfulness,


  1. You really should see their library before you boast too much.

  2. I'll be sure to count when I'm on board next time, but I have no reason to doubt Cunard's estimate of 8,000.