Monday, July 28, 2014

#653 Well played, West Virginia.

Well played, West Virginia.  Well played! 

We had thought our idea to drive across US Route 60 from Virginia to Missouri was unique until we cross into West Virginia and these signs appear.
These savvy WV folks only scooped us by 26 years.  Back then they started promoting US Route 60 as more than a road.  It's the Midland Trail, a National Scenic Byway, and something special to be experienced.
As far as I know, no other state promotes Route 60 in this way.  Maybe no other state can offer what we saw along this 180-mile strip of West Virginia real estate?

On entering West Virginia, we notice an inordinate number of New Orleans Saints signs and banners. Even deep inside Batboy's underground lair, Lost World Caverns, we spy an unusual new sign tagging a flowstone formation with Who Dat?  So, of course, we're asking Why Dat?  Why in West Virginia?
Upon resurfacing, we find the answer.  The Saints pre-season training camp is headquartered at the nearby Greenbrier Resort this year for the very first time.  The team's first public practice was just yesterday, so the locals are all newbie Saints fans!  Well played, West Virginia!

If you've ever attended a fair or festival and walked into a tent displaying nature photography, you've likely seen Glade Creek Grist Mill in West Virginia's Babcock State Park.  Photographers from around the world swarm the place in the fall when it's smothered in autumn colors.  From the miller, we learn a lot about mills.
Years ago, we'd stayed in one of the park's rustic log cabins, the gorgeous place where Mary's parents chose to honeymoon, just off Highway 60. 
Capitalizing on a high-visibility location along Highway 60 has clearly been part of the business culture in West Virginia for decades.
In fact, the Burger Carte's fried baloney sandwich proves irresistible.
This delicious sandwich sustains me through Route 60 road repairs.
I stay strong viewing farmer's fields.
And remain vigilant for crossing tractors.  Baloney is clearly superior road food.
Route 60 swoops by the State Capitol where the gold-domed structure looms photogenically outside our passenger-side window.
In all ways, well played, West Virginia!

Yours on the Midland Trail in the Mountain State,

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