Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#654 Commonwealth of Kentucky

We've entered Kentucky, the second commonwealth of our trip and one of only four in the country.

Kentucky is famous for tobacco, college basketball, bluegrass, horse racing, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We skipped the KFC, but along Route 60 in eastern Kentucky, we find beautiful horse farms, plenty of tobacco and tobacco barns,
lovely downtowns,

and college basketball's home to the University of Kentucky Wildcats, Rupp Arena.
More importantly to me, Lexington is home to the makers of my favorite peanut butter.  We are becoming experts at snapping photos through the window.  This Jif photo was taken in a jiffy in a lightning-quick response to a 'hey, look at that!'
The Kentucky state capitol is beautiful from the outside and locked up tight when we stop by.
We especially like the Kentucky floral clock and are scheming how a mini version could be built.
And finally, we arrive at the controversy for the day, Daniel Boone's grave.  Loyalty dictates that we Missourians believe old Daniel is still buried in Marthasville, MO near where he was living at the time of his death.  But these Kentuckians in Frankfort would have us believe that he's buried here overlooking the Kentucky River.

Yours in The Bluegrass Commonwealth,

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  1. Riding along in the electronic back seat -- and enjoying every mile! You guys should start a tour company! Safe travels-- Fred