Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#655 Western Kentucky

It takes us 2 days to cross Kentucky on Route 60 because there's a LOT to see!

The first thing that catches our eye is this eerily similar statue of Mr. Jefferson standing outside what used to be the Jefferson County courthouse in Louisville.  It turns out this is the 1901 original by Moses Jacob Ezekiel, a Richmond, VA sculptor.  He kindly made a copy that prominently stands today in front of UVA's rotunda. This is another photo taken by Kelly through the open car window in a lightning quick response to 'hey, isn't that Mr. Jefferson?'
The bullion depository at Fort Knox is off limits to hooligans like us, so we speed on by.
But we definitely stop and smell the roses (lots and lots of roses) at Owensboro's Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.  We especially appreciate the Japanese garden and the large collection of windmill structures.  Scheming is underway about how to implement our own windmill.

We love what Owensboro has done with its downtown waterfront.  On a Monday morning, this beautiful, creatively-designed space fronting the Ohio River is popular with walkers, admirers, and kids enjoying the ultra-cool playground.  We're big fans.
Lunch at Bill Clinton's hang-out, the Moonlite Bar-B-Q is a big hit with us too.  Owensboro claims to be the barbecue capital of the world, but loyalty dictates that we point out the true barbecue capital is Kansas City.
 The Route 60 drive remains spectacular in western Kentucky.
John James Audubon lived for a time in Henderson, KY so the locals were inspired to create the beautiful  John James Audobon State Park.  A large collection of Audubon art is housed inside their museum building built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
 The 88 Dip in Marion serves the blackened bluegill that Kelly cannot pass up.

 And we reach Paducah just as the sun is setting after a full day of Kentucky adventures.
Yours in enjoying Kentucky all the way across,

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