Monday, September 07, 2015

#681 Arkansas Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright's art inspires us.  We also look to his student, the regional architect Fay Jones for art in architecture. We travel across the state line to Arkansas for some of that Fay Jones inspiration.

On our agenda are the Thorncrown Chapel and the Stoneflower Cottage.  We are inspired indeed.
Stoneflower Cottage was built first in 1965 and served as a model for Thorncrown Chapel built 15 years later. 
Stoneflower Cottage in the woods near Heber Springs

Thorncrown Chapel in the woods near Eureka Springs
"I've always felt that the details, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, are more than just nice things to notice.  They are manifestation and expression, a kind of measure of the intensity of caring." - Fay Jones

Jones clearly cared about the Stoneflower Cottage, a place of physical rest.
loft in Stoneflower Cottage

And he cared about the award-winning Thorncrown Chapel, a place of spiritual rest.
interior of Thorncrown Chapel
Yours in learning what we like from Mr Jones,

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