Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#683 Construction is in our DNA (part 2)

Construction just may be in Kelly's DNA.

Though Kelly and his father Glenn only got to be together for 19 years, Kelly learned a lot from him. Early on, he learned how to wear overalls and how to pose for an adorably cute photograph.
Glenn and Kelly early in their relationship
Glenn worked as a carpenter on many projects in Kansas City and central Missouri.
1971: Penn Valley Community College across the street from the BMA Tower.

1974:  Glenn, on right, works on Warrensburg bank building.
In addition to his full-time job, Glenn built a house for his family.
1966: Glenn painting the back of the almost-finished house in Warrensburg.

1966: Family house complete

Some carpenter/life wisdom passed down to Kelly:
  • Give a tool to someone handle first.
  • Return a borrowed tool in better shape than when you borrowed it.
  • Blunt the point of the nail to keep the wood from splitting. 
  • Work smarter by keeping your tools sharpened.
  • Go into construction if you'd like, but consider less dangerous jobs that would make good use of your talents and wouldn't be so hard on your body.

Yours in luckily marrying the son of a carpenter,

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