Monday, September 28, 2015

#685 Ozarks Bungalow Flooring

Our floors needed a lot of work.

We got to work on it immediately after moving in last year by ripping up the carpets and discovering just how much work there was to be done.  Then in July, Kelly started patching the floors in the parlor, living room, library, and dining room.
BEFORE: A previous patch using pine boards in the dining room corner (then covered with ceramic tile-hence the white mastic) need to be replaced with 1.5"-wide oak boards to match the original flooring.

AFTER: New oak boards are in place in dining room.
BEFORE: The parlor floor (at one time underneath the stairway) needs re-patching to remove those straight joint lines.

AFTER: Kelly re-used old oak flooring to stitch in the parlor patch.
BEFORE:  The living room patch was a long one - about 19 feet. 

AFTER: Living room patched with new oak flooring.  Using boards that are 1.5 inch in width, it takes a while to weave in 19 feet.
BEFORE:  Random damage to be patched. 

AFTER: Random damage patched.

Yours in getting ready for the big finish,

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