Monday, November 06, 2006

#74 The end of summer

We’ve enjoyed our last summer day of the voyage.
0753 aft view

Those gale force winds in the Mediterranean brought some cooler temperatures. The pool has been emptied and sweaters have now replaced bathing suits on the pool deck. There have been times along the way (in Myanmar and in India) when we were wishing for cooler weather, but now that it has come with just a month left in our voyage, we are accepting the cooler weather with just a tinge of regret. Where did September and October go anyway?

On Sunday night, we left Alexandria nearly 24 hours behind schedule. We headed into the most turbulent seas of our voyage – which according to trip veterans, were not all that turbulent. All the books in the library were tied down and we secured everything in our cabins. Today, on Monday morning, we’re speeding along through mostly calm seas at over 23 knots toward Turkey.

Yours in hoping the fastest passenger ship in the world can make up some time before Turkey,

35 degrees 42 minutes North 27 degrees 24 minutes East


  1. I'd like to know more about life aboard the ship. For example, is Dr. Roman married? Single? Divorced? Heterosexual? Does he have a fabulous cabin like Captain Steuben's on Love Boat or Russell Crowe's on Master and Commander? (BTW, Russell's new movie, A Good Year, opens THIS Friday. I know that you will be off having adventures but the rest of us (at least me) will be at the theater...Seriously, I really think you could give us some more details or should I check in with Erika's blog? Will she tell all? As always, anonymous but you may know who I am anyway...

  2. Capt Roman is happily married and lives with his family in Dubrovnik.

    This morning when we arrived in Dubrovnik, he sounded the ship's horn as we passed by his home!