Wednesday, November 22, 2006

#81 Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Thanksgiving 2006, we will arrive in Cadiz, Spain on Thursday. There’ll be no parades or football for us this year, but the ship’s crew plans to offer up a traditional turkey dinner tonight (Wednesday) for everyone. Yum!

Those of you who’ve shared Thanksgiving dinner with Mary know there comes a point in the meal when she suggests we should all go around the table and list the things we’re thankful for. So I’ll start:
  • Calm seas
  • A port in a storm
  • Non-Navy showers
  • A quiet year for pirates 
  • Mature college students 
  • Food prepared by others 
  • Ropes to keep the library books on the shelves 
  • Cameras that start up quickly from the off position 
  • Batteries that last and last and last and last 
  • Friends who follow our travels and post comments to our blog 
  • Buses with bathrooms 
  • Clean drinking water 
  • Plumbing 
  • New daughters 
  • Old friends 

Happy Thanksgiving
Gobble, Gobble.
Don’t eat so much
You start to wobble!

Yours in thanksgiving,


  1. Buses with bathrooms? There has to be some sort of story there :) Glad to see the trip is going well, have a happy thanksgiving.


  2. Kelly, It seems my last day at IDEM will come before you return to the US! I've accepted a job offer in Austin, Texas and will be leaving IDEM on December 1st. I'd just like to say it was a pleasure working with you. I will of course keep up with your blog and will keep in touch.