Thursday, November 23, 2006

#82 A Thanksgiving celebration in Cadiz

Gracias Susanne and Johannes!

A few years ago when I met Susanne at a library meeting in Indianapolis, I didn’t realize that one Thanksgiving Day we would wander the streets of Cadiz together. But that’s just what happened. Susanne is an Ohio native who now lives year-round in southeast Spain with her husband Johannes. This morning, they greeted us as we stepped off the ship and we spent the day exploring Cadiz - and occasionally reminding ourselves that it was indeed Thanksgiving Day.

5315f Cadiz street

This was their first time in Cadiz too, so we used the map to find our way around what may be the oldest city in Europe – more than 3000 years old. Cadiz, now with a population of 135,000, is where Columbus sailed from on his 2nd and 4th voyages. We wandered, window-shopped along the narrow streets, tasted a variety of tapas, visited a University of Cadiz library, and celebrated the holiday with some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
5321f M and Bjorners in Cadiz

Thanks to Susanne and Johannes for exploring Cadiz with us, for introducing us to tapas, for helping us with our Spanish, and for giving us a look at life in Spain.

Yours in wondering about the possibility of our lives in Spain,


  1. The pleasure was all ours, Mary. We enjoyed the entire day with you and Kelly, hearing about the Semester at Sea program and your fantastic experiences on this voyage. And for me, to be with Americans at Thanksgiving--that was the icing on the cake (or the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, I should say).

    You made it "home" before we did--we took two days, because our way went by an Ikea store (in Sevilla), and when that happens, there is always the will to stop and add a few comforts to our home in Roquetas. A good reading lamp and tapas serving dishes, this time.

    We are in the midst of dreary weather in Spain--I hope the rain clears while you do some sightseeing, and that we some day see you on our sunny side of Spain!


  2. An IKEA in Seville, Spain? Not fair. Omaha just doesn't have any culture! :-(